Los Angeles County Development Authority

Health Services at Your Doorstep

On December 21, 2018, the LACDA was pleased to introduce Central Neighborhood Health Foundation (CNHF) as the operator of its new Carmelitos Health Clinic (Health Clinic) located in North Long Beach.

The new Health Clinic is located within the Carmelitos Public Housing Community, which is home to over 1,700 youth, families, older adults, and persons with disabilities. Recognizing the gap in affordable health services for its residents, especially the children and seniors aging in place, the LACDA and CNHF pledged to bridge this gap and ensure that residents have a better quality of life regardless of their ability to pay. As such, services are provided on a sliding scale based on income.

The Health Clinic complements the array of onsite services already provided to Carmelitos residents. Services include primary care, minor emergency treatment, preventive care, diagnostics and lab, special comprehensive care for women, and health and wellness workshops. CNHF also provides behavioral health services to address substance use disorders and mental wellness needs. A board-certified doctor, practitioners, and other medical staff support the operations of the Health Clinic’s eight exam rooms. The CNHF was a crucial partner in the development of this project, providing over $200,000 to rehabilitate the existing structure and make it suitable for medical services.

The Health Clinic is dedicated in honor of Daniel “Skip” Earl Gibson, a former LACDA employee, instrumental in fostering initial conversations with CNHF. Mr. Gibson’s contributions are memorialized on a dedication plaque on the wall of the Health Clinic. His compassion and respect for the community laid the foundation for the Health Clinic. Although Mr. Gibson is no longer with us, his spirit will live forever.