Los Angeles County Development Authority


It was with great excitement that the Community Development Commission/Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles officially rebranded as the LACDA on May 16, 2019.

The rebranding offered an opportunity for the agency to reconnect with residents, partners, and clients, and reintroduce our program portfolio, expanded service operation, and initiatives to meet the needs of the County’s residents and businesses.

To celebrate this momentous occasion in the agency’s history, the LACDA hosted two events for partners and staff to celebrate the rebranding and take a moment to reflect on the impact the agency has had within the County and the opportunities it foresees going forward.

As part of the event, an impactful video featuring the Executive Management Team was shown. Each Team member’s story emphasized their passion and reason for doing what they do to help the community, including one Director’s personal experience as a Section 8 program participant and graduate. The Team’s compassion and commitment to be of service to the residents of Los Angeles County reflects the spirit of the agency.

As the agency moves forward, its core mission, to Build Better Lives and Better Neighborhoods, remains as strong and intact as does its commitment to work with, and for, its partners.